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Mailshiv Team
Welcome to Mailshiv!
Thank you for using Mailshiv! Mailshiv is an anonymous and privacy-focused disposable e-mail service.
This service is free of charge and we store received e-mails for up to 30 days. Happy mailing !
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How does temporary email works?
Using our temp mail service, the only thing you have to do is come to the homepage and you will be given a temporary email address generated by the system automatically. Best use scenario is to register to an untrusted web site. Doing that, spams or other unwanted e-mails will be handled through your disposable email by us and your real email will remain safe and unseen.
Introduction to temp mail services.

Mailshiv is a free anonymous mail service enabling you to use a fake email address to register to websites you don’t trust or won’t come back to.
In what scenario you should not use a tempmail?

Do not use Mailshiv if you plan to access the service your registered to in the future. Mailshiv does not store email addresses nor messages for more than 7 days since it’s a throwaway email service.
Can you provide anonymity?
We do not collect personal details, we do have a list of IP addresses who have connected to our servers but those are not tied to accounts and can’t be used to link a visitor to a specific generated email address. Which does not mean that we allow you to use Mailshiv for illegal activities, we really don’t.
How long do you keep my emails?

Temporary emails services are sometimes c alled ‘burn email’, ‘disposable emails’ or ‘junk mails’, and there is a reason for that. As a temporary mail service, messages and mailboxes are deleted after 7 days. We do not provide any kind of guarantee and you should be aware that your emails are going to be erased at some point.